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The Honey Vessel 2

Male Weight Gain, Belly Stuffing, Force Feeding
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A Combee nest was always a sight to behold. They were tall, beautiful amber structures that shimmered in gold.  Though they looked indestructible, years can take their toll and the amber eventually starts to break down.  This was the current situation of this particular Combee nest.

The queen of the hive, Vespiquen, took charge of the situation and had ordered her subjects to find a new location to live and begin building a fresh hive from the bottom up.  It was looking really good so far and it would be livable within a few more weeks. Of course, this brought about the problem of what to do with their stored honey in the old hive.

Combee and Vespiquen have a somewhat dark ritual that they perform to move their sweet honey that few know about. That's because it is an extremely rare occasion that doesn't happen that often.  Vespiquen orders Combee to locate a "containment vessel" to store their honey in so that they can transport it safely and easily.  The "vessel" was usually a living host, whether it be Pokémon or human. Why they chose living creatures to be the vessel was currently unknown by all Pokémon experts.

Ash was chosen to be that vessel for some reason. It might have been his kind gesture to the one Combee that made the swarm feel that he was reliable.

Combee's job was to spend a few days filling the boy up with their honey supply before carrying him over to the new nest where the honey would be "extracted" by Vespiquen.  After the task was complete, they would have to take him back to the original hive and start the process all over again.

Of course, all of this was unknown to the raven-haired boy and it would most likely be a while before he could leave.

Morning came swiftly and the sun rays began to shine through the amber hive.  Part of the light reflected onto Ash's eyes which caused him to stir. The affect of the honey that filled his belly had him in a whimsical state still.

"Whoa… That was a weird dream…" he muttered. "Say Pikachu… I had a dream that I was kidnapped by a Combee swarm and they took me to their hive where they kept feeding me their honey… Isn't that crazy?"

Ash was convinced that everything that happened was a dream and that he was with Pikachu and his friends.  But that lasted shortly as he noticed how bloated he felt.  His eyes opened fully and he let out a gasp seeing that his belly was distended.  

The raven-haired boy looked around and saw that he was inside Combee's nest.  It wasn't a dream at all. More like a nightmare come true.

"Oh no! Was I here all night!?"

Like yesterday, Ash tempted to break free from his wax stocks.  But he felt weak with a belly still full of honey.  When he realized he couldn't get free on his own, he let out a frustrated sigh.

"No… How am I going to escape…?"

He looked down to examine his bloated gut.  The waistband of his jeans was cutting into it further, making the pain worse.  He really wished he could unbutton them. He was unaware that he consumed about roughly eight pounds of honey yesterday.

Ash felt his heart start to race as his ears picked up the sound of Combee's wings.  The swarm had just returned from their morning rounds and began to store the pollen they had collected from flowers.

"You guys… Let me go right now!  You can't keep me here like this! It isn't right."

After putting away the pollen, the Combee swarm once again gathered up some honey from their combs to feed to their unhappy prisoner. Knowing what was to come, Ash started protesting.

"Stop this!  I'm not eating anymore of your honey!  I can't handle anymore!"

He was ignored and the Combee approached ready to deliver the honey. Ash turned his head away from it like he did yesterday. A couple of other Combee tried to get a hold of his head but he was moving it around to much for them to get a steady grip.

The Combee carrying the honey chirped loudly for some assistance.  The raven-haired boy saw two more Combee fly in from the top of the hive with a stick substance.  It wasn't honey however.

Both of them flew behind Ash's head and stuck the strange substance on the wall. They backed out of the way as another Combee head-butted Ash in the face which slammed his head into the substance.

"Ouch…" he moaned.

He attempted to lift his head from the wall but was unable to. The sticky substance was the exact same waxy substance that made up the stocks for his arms and legs. Now it was being used to hold his head to the wall. The more he tried to move, the more pain it caused as it pulled on his hair and skin.

"I have a feeling you guys bringing me here was not so you could thank me…  But what's the point of stuffing me with honey!?"

Now unable to move his head, the Combee slathered the honey onto the raven-haired boy's mouth to get him to start eating.

"I won't…" he thought. "I won't do it this time…  Resist it… Resist it…"

He could hear the Combee laughing at him.  They knew he would eventually cave in to the alluring sweet honey and start to eat it again.

The sticky feeling of the honey on his face was getting to him.  He had the urge to lick it off.  Tears were now forming in his eyes as he tried to fight the temptation.

"Don't do it… No matter what… Don't do it…!"

The temptation proved too much and his tongue slipped out of his mouth and licked away the honey.

Ash's worries of what was to come melted away now that the honey was making him feel good inside.  He closed his eyes blissfully and began to suck on the thick honey glob that the Combee held.

"When I eat this… I feel so much better…" he thought while the honey ran down his throat.  "It can't be bad for me…"

It would turn into a morning of non-stop feeding for the raven-haired boy. After about an hour had passed, the Vespiquen of the hive finally showed herself in order to see how things were progressing with their vessel.  Ash was so out of it that he didn't notice her among the Combee.

Vespiquen inspected him for a little bit. The boy's belly appeared to be a wonderful containment vessel and was holding the honey nicely. She then flew back into her quarters.

Though her subjects were hard at work, time was of the essence. Something needed to be done to make the process go faster.  So she started to create something out of light wax that would help aid in that.

Meanwhile the Combee worked quickly to fill their "containment vessel" with as much sweet honey as possible.  By noon, Ash had consumed around four more pounds of honey. This was made evident by the state of his stomach.

It had ballooned to more than twice its normal size already and was still expanding. His waistband continued to cut deeper into his soft flesh.  Normally that would cause a large amount of discomfort.  But the constant binge on the honey took all of the pain away. He continued to sip up each honey batch that was given to him by Combee.

Ash's bare stomach was starting to become more visible now.  His shirt and vest were both creeping up as his belly swelled with the thick and rich honey. Peeking from just above his waistband was his navel.  With each new helping of sweet honey, it started to be pushed away from the waistband making it more noticeable.

In the afternoon, the Combee needed to take break in order to replete their energy. So they left their vessel alone while they all dined on their own sweet honey.  While they did, Ash became fully conscious again and moaned in pain.  

He felt as if he would explode at any given moment. It was a perfectly reasonable feeling now that he had almost twenty pounds of honey in his belly.

"How long was I out for this time…?" he muttered.  "I feel awful…"

He let out a loud belch that echoed through the amber hive.  Then he attempted to look at the state of his belly even though it would probably scare him. But since he could not move his head, he was spared that sight. He did however hear it make all kind of strange sounds that he never heard it make before.

"I know it's got to be big…  I can feel it… My pants are… squeezing me to death…"

The tears returned to his eyes as he experienced more and more pain and discomfort caused by his waistband.

"There's only one way to open them…  I'll have to break the button with my gut.  Then maybe I can get some relief."

Ash took in a deep breath then held it in order to inflate his belly as much as he could.  This of course only caused more pain.  But he heard his pants creak and became hopeful that he could get the button off. But his first attempt failed and he released his breath in order to breathe.


The raven-haired boy repeated the process a couple of more times. Though it sounded like it was going to give, the button stayed in its place.  He broke out in tears as one failed attempt after the other came until he finally just gave up.

"It's… no use…  I'll just have to wait to be filled up more… I can't believe I'm saying that…  What's the point anyway…? Might as well do what they want seeing as there is no way for me to escape."

Finding the situation hopeless now, he simply waited for the Combee to finish having lunch.  And soon enough they had finished and even brought some sweet honey for him to engorge on. This time he slurped it up without struggle.  He wanted to be taken away from this nightmare and enter the honey's land of enchantment.

"Who am I kidding…?" Ash thought.  "I know this bad…  But it's the only way I can get away from this… I can't help but wonder why they're doing it…"

His curiosity and worries soon faded away however after becoming fully under the influence of the sweet honey.

The Combee continued their work to fill the vessel.  Ash was currently consuming about one glob of sweet honey every thirty seconds.  One Combee after the other fed him with out struggle.  After ten minutes, he had devoured twenty helpings of honey.  His stomach groaned and continued to swell forward further pressing into his waistband.

More of the raven-haired boy's bare belly became exposed after a half hour had passed and he had consumed sixty more globs from Combee.  The waistband of his pants continued to creak against his growing girth.  The intoxicating affect kept him from feeling the pain of it cutting into his flesh.

"Feels like I'm in my bed at home wrapped in a blanket…" he thought while sipping on another helping of the thick honey.

The meal that the Combee had eaten earlier left them with plenty of energy to burn off. This allowed them to work even faster than before. To their luck, Ash was keeping up with them.  They were able to feed him over one-hundred more globs of honey. This added up to another five pounds.  

The Combee noticed all of the strange noises that the raven-haired boy's belly was making.  It was a result of it trying to stretch out to make room for the honey.  It also appeared to be cut in half by his waistband which was now basically hidden underneath his flab.

Though it could not bee seen, the waistband could be heard creaking.  It would not be very long before Ash's stomach would break through it.  The honey bee Pokémon were increasingly curious to see what would happen. The raven-haired boy opened his brown eyes realizing they had stopped working and saw them all staring at him.

"What's the matter fellas…?" he asked drearily.

One Combee decided to serve another helping of sweet honey to the vessel to see if it would cause a reaction. Ash slurped up the honey it had and sighed as it made its trip to his stomach.  This glob of honey caused his belly to bulge out just a bit more.

Then, without warning, the button of his pants lost its battle to contain the growing gut and popped right off, surprising Combee. With the button gone, his belly bulged outwards and forced open all the teeth on his fly's zipper.

"Oopsie…" Ash said with a slight smile.

The Combee started to laugh at how funny the boy looked. Their giggles eventually got him to laugh hysterically along with them.  One Combee took the opportunity to place another helping of sweet honey in his mouth.  A big goofy grin was on his face while he swallowed. He kept having a few giggle fits after that even when the other Combee started to get back to work. There was no time for them to stand around.  They were wasting valuable time that needed had to be spent feeding the raven-haired boy.

Ash's belly began to expand again after being fed about twenty more servings of honey.  Because it was expanding so quickly, stretch marks started to form on it. His stomach continually swelled throughout the next couple hours with more honey. Both his shirt and vest crept up and became snugger. Every so often the raven-haired boy would involuntarily burp as a way to help relieve some of the pressure on his stomach.

Though the Combee still had a lot of energy to spare, Ash was beginning to become tired by the late afternoon. This caused him to eat much more slowly and disdainfully causing honey to drip all over himself.

By now he had consumed over thirty pounds of the stick substance in total. His bare belly was now hanging over part of his thighs and was covered with bits of sweet honey that he had dripped.

Though the raven-haired boy didn't feel pain, his stomach was constantly groaning and stretching to accommodate what he consumed.  The buttons on his vest also appeared strained.  His white shirt could be seen through the small gaps between the buttons.

At sunset, Ash had been overcome by exhaustion and feel asleep soundly.  A smile remained on his face while the intoxicating honey made him have pleasant dreams.  Seeing that the raven-haired boy was sleeping, the Combee decided to quit for the day until he awoke in the morning.

Ash's sweet dreams would not last long, however…

Around midnight, he was awakened by the strong nauseating feeling he had.  His stomach felt really heavy and he began to tremble in reaction to the immense discomfort.  

Ash had the urge to vomit but couldn't force it out no matter how hard he tried. It had also been a while since he last went to the restroom. Before being captured in fact. But for some reason, he had no desire to go despite being fed non-stop.

"How…?" he started to think.  "How am I going to get out of this mess…?"

Tears stared to well from his eyes and rolled down his cheeks.  The sparkled in silver as the moonlight hit them.

"Pikachu… I want you here so much… I'm afraid… I want to be rescued now… Why hasn't anyone come to look for me…?"

The raven-haired boy cringed feeling his honey-filled belly cramp up.  He could feel the sticky substance churning inside of it while it made a lot of strange gurgling noises.  Ash bit down on his lip to keep himself from shouting in pain. He did not want the Combee to hear him and start feeding him again.

"My stomach won't settle down… It hurts…  I want this to be over…"

A while later Ash's stomach calmed and settled which took some of the discomfort away.  He took the opportunity to get some peaceful sleep while he still could.
Part 2!!!

So yeah. Now you know why they are feeding him ;) Don't worry, they're not finished with him yet. That belly can hold much more honey. But first Ash needs some sleepy time. He's just so cute sleeping with a bloated belly. :aww: Wish I could rub it to make him feel better.
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FatLily189 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Student Writer
Also make vespiquen think he is too slow and make all his friends including pikachu too.
FatLily189 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Student Writer
Make him so fat he's a ball with fingers and toes in part 3 pls its my b-day soon and this would be a perfect gift
fatblueberry Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015
I have a suggestion, too! Rub the big honey belly! Part 3, 4, 5, 6...
YamiLover81Fun Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
When is part 3 coming?
LystellMoon Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Love it lol
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This is so awesome!
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Love it!
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then draw a picture of him
Emmajh97 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011  Student General Artist
Another great one! :iconepicclapplz:
You always end a chapter in a way that makes me die from suspense!! :excited:
Ash-Belly-Lover Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
XD Thank you. i like to keep the readers wanting more :)
Ci-dash1991 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
once again he gets drunk. Oh Ash why can't you resist? Its a sweet substance that drugs you! xD
Ash-Belly-Lover Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
AnimeBellyFan Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
Awesome, as usual. :)

Also, I have a bit of an idea of something else that can happen to Ash while he's being stuffed with honey. It's your story, so feel free to ignore this suggestion, but maybe, at some point, Ash's belly becomes so filled with honey that his belly button ends up sticking out, kind of like my 'Naruto: Big Ol' Gut' picture. Like I said, feel free to ignore it, especially since you probably have your own ideas, but I'm just puttin' it out there. :D
Ash-Belly-Lover Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
Thanks :). i was thinking about doing that anyway. :giggle:
AnimeBellyFan Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
Awesomeness. :D
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